Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

We're back from advnetures in baby sitting and I'm here to report that it went well. Honestly, I was never really too worried that it wouldn't. But it was super easy for me because all I really needed to do was be there. 10 and 14 year old boys don't really have a need in their lives for a 27 year old female. I'm not really fun to play with and there's not much they really want to talk about. But Derek on the other hand, could play basketball with them, teach them wrestling moves and add fun to any situation. So the weekend was basically him hanging out with the boys while I studied for my test.

The other good thing about baby-sitting for this particular family was that because the boys were the youngest 2 of 4, they were pretty self sufficient. I think when you are part of a bigger family you don't rely on your parents as much because there are 4 kids and only 2 parents, so the kids learn to do things on their own. Ben, who was 10 and the youngest came home from hanging out with one of his friends on Saturday night and just put himself to bed. There was nothing that had to be done on our part. Derek woke him up in the morning, and he got dressed and made himself breakfast, turned on cartoons and was ready to go.

Now I don't baby sit very often, but for a 10 year old, I was pretty impressed. He just did his thing. We were really just there to keep track of where he was and in case anything went wrong.

Nick, who is 14, and his friends hung out with Derek pretty much all of Saturday and then spent th night at one of the friends houses. This was great because we know the mom of that friend pretty well and we didn't have to worry about them sneaking out on our watch. Because lets be honest, 8th grade is prime age for sneaking out with your friends at night.

So, all in all, a pretty easy weekend, and I was able to get some studying done, which was much needed.  On the studying note - will you all pray for the test I have coming up? It's October 29, which I know sounds far away, but when I think of all I still need to study, it is a bit overwhelming. Especially when you throw a 40 hour a week job, young life stuff and just other life stuff like feeding my husband and keeping my house sanitary (notice I didn't say clean).  I need prayer that I would pass the test and have the discipline to spend my time studying instead of doing other things that I would much rather do.

I am also definitely feeling like I am missing out. I love fall and I feel like there are lots of fun things I would like to do that I know I just won't have time for this fall. And I feel like I don't get to see my friends much, but I know that I really need to be spending that time studying. I know that the sacrifices I make in the short term will definitely be worth it in the long run, but its definitely a struggle. Ok, this post is getting real long, so I'll stop now :)

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Traci said...

praying for you and your studying and test!