Monday, December 20, 2010

Castle Christmas Party

Saturday night we have my work Christmas party. At a castle! Just outside Lexington sits this caste:

Someone started building it a while ago for his wife, then they got divorced and it was never finished. In the last few years it was finished and has been turned into a bed and breakfast. Everytime we drive past it we always wonder what it looks like inside. So when I found out we were having out Christmas party for work there I was super pumped! I did my best to take pictures, but it was kind of difficult to capture it all. Here are a few phots from the evening.

Walking inside the walls:

The fountain covered in ice:

These were the only outside pictures since it was dark and hard to get a good pictures. This fountain was in the gardens where there was also a swimming pool and tennis courts. There was shuffle board up on the roof.


Here are some pictures from one of the rooms:

I forgot to take a picture of the dining room where we ate and the billiards room where we hung out after dinner. It was all beautiful though. And I got to wear my favorite dress! (Ignore the mess in the background - we left for Columbus right after the party and so that was the messy state of us finishing packing up.)

Thank you PB for such a great Christmas party. Also - the food was AMAZING! They don't have a freezer there, so everything is made fresh from local ingredients. It was all so good I never wanted to stop eating. I really hope we go back next year!


Callie Nicole said...

How fun! We went to a Christmas birthday party in a local castle last year, and it was such a cool experience - the Christmas decorations are beautiful in those pictures! And you look great in your dress!

Emily said...

This looks so magical!

Kristin said...

You lucky duck! What fun! Now I know where to stay should I ever visit Lexington :-). Love your dress btw...such a classic and you look fabulous in it!