Monday, December 6, 2010


I've decided that I am intimidated to blog on Mondays. I think it stems from not being sure what to blog about. Sometimes there is miscellany monday, but I don't even have anything random to say. Then there is the temptation to blog about my weekend, but I feel like that can get kind of boring. Not that my weekend was boring, it was actually a lot of fun, but not in a "a lot of fun to read about" sort of way {Although one of the highlights was getting to go to my friend Angie's sons 1st birthday party. It was super cute and she did an awesome job of decorating and planning it. You can see pictures here.} So a lot of weeks I just skip blogging on Monday.

Today, however I am going to blog about how there were cookies and brownies in the break room this morning! How exciting is that?!?! At about 10:00 I went in to fill up my mug with water (I don't do coffee and only drink tea if I'm real tired and need some caffeine) and there on the table were cookies and brownies. So I grabbed a cookie and took it back to my desk and ate it. Then after lunch I ate a brownie. I figured it was ok since I have stopped buying cookies in an effort to quit eating them after every meal. What a treat!

Then my credit card statement for my corporate card came and I found out that I accidentally bought Christmas gifts with my work credit card. Fail. Not the end of the world because I can just write a check and pay for it, but still, I'm an idiot some times.

Good news though! Tonight I get to share THE Good News at Young Life. I get to tell my LCA friends about God's riciculous love for them and the reckless grace He offers us. Please pray I would get out of the way and God would speak through me. Because clearly, my brain does not always function properly and if this thing is dependent on me we are all in trouble.


Chloƫ said...

good day when there are treats at the office. :]

praying God gives you the words to speak to the hearts who need to hear tonight!

Callie Nicole said...

How fun! I love it when someone leaves goodies in our break room at work!
And I'll be praying that the Lord will give you the words tonight!