Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today I am a mess. It all started when I woke up before 6 am to some noise downstairs. I woke Derek up and asked if he heard it. He did not, but a few seconds later, there it was again. It was the dang smoke detector letting us know it was low on batteries. I also noticed that my clock was flashing 12:00. Meaning the power had been out, and had just come back on. 

We went downstairs to change the smoke detector battery - only to find we did not have a replacement battery. Fail. So we took the battery out so the smoke detector would be quiet (safe, right?) I reset my alarm clock and went back to sleep very briefly until I had to get up for good.

While I was eating breakfast and reading I noticed that our lights kept dimming and then would get brighter. Well the power went back out in the middle of my breakfast. Which meant that I had to finish getting ready in the dark. Therefore, I look like a mess today. No make up, my pants are super wrinkly, and I am wearing light khaki pants and I put on an off white coat. So they are close to the same color but not quite, so it just looks terrible. Fail. And because it is freezing and there is snow on the ground I have just been wearing khaki pants to work so I can wear boots with them. Well today the pants I decided to wear look real goofy with my boots. Another fail. I feel like such a mess.

Also, as I was getting ready to leave I realized that my car was in the garage. Well, a few weeks back we had a power outage while I was home for lunch and I couldn't figure out how to open my garage door manually so my boss had to come to my house and show me so I could get back to work. So luckily I knew how to open the garage door manually this time. After I had shut it I realized I left something in the house. I decided to just unlock the front door and go in that way as that would be easier than reopening the garage door. And wouldn't you know when I got back inside the power was back on! But I was already running late. So today I am a mess. I will try to do better tomorrow.


Natalie {Extraordinary Love} said...

oh my goodness-that sounds horrible! i hope your day gets better!!

Chloƫ said...

oh man, what a morning. things will look up soon, have no fear! praying God sends some laughter your way :]

Kari said...

UGH! I can only imagine what your morning was like...reading that made me frustrated and I didn't even have to live it! I'm sorry it was such a rough one - on a happier note, I received your super cute Christmas card in the mail today - LOVE IT! Did you see that I posted the Chicago pictures in your shutterfly account? Miss you friend and am looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

Julie said...

That is a really bad way to start a day! I'm sorry so many sucky things happened! :(

Hope the rest of the day was better and I'm so glad I got to see you this weekend!!