Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

I've seen lots of folks doing 2010 recap posts, and I thought it might be fun to go back and look at all that happened in 2010, and share some blog posts of these highlights. We had a really fun year filled with lots of trips and great memories. And while this post shares some of the highlights, I definitely have to say that some of the best times have been not necessarily "blog worthy" but just the every day moments of living a life serving God and loving people.  So here we go:


A relatively quiet month. Enjoyed playing in the snow with my puppy and celebrating our newphew's second birthday.


Went to Colorado to visit my sister and go skiing and began training for the Flying Pig half marathon and learned a little bit from it. Also gave up sugar for lent.


Celebrated Derek's 26th birthday and put down flooring in our attic to make it a functional space to store stuff.


Visited with my best friend from high school, started eating sugar again after Easter, planted a garden, and went to Keenland to watch the horses race.


Ran my first half marathon, the Flying Pig, celebrated our 4 year anniversary, welcomed a new nephew, baby Oliver, into the world, and went on vacation with D to Marco Island.


Went to Young Life camp in Minnesota with some of my favorite LCA peeps.


Went home to Columbus for 4th of July weekend and went on vacation with Derek's family to Hilton Head, summarized in multiple posts.


Celebrated my birthday, and participated in the world's largest water ballon fight.


Paid off all our debt except for our house!


Went to the World Equestrian Games, went to the lake for a weekend with some friends, and took the PE Exam.


Went to Chicago to visit Kari, went on fall weekend with Young Life, decorated for Christmas and spent Thanksgiving with Derek's family in Northern Kentucky.


Welcomed our third nephew, baby Connor, into the world, made lots of Christmas cookies, experienced a mini ice storm, had a Christmas party at a castle, and celebrated Christmas with our families - with one recap post still to come! And of course just found out I passed the PE exam and become a professional engineer.

I'll be back soon with our final Christmas wrap up post of Christmas with Derek's family, but I wanted to get this little post in here while it was still 2010 :)  Hope everyone has a wonderful new year and I'll see you next year!


Callie Nicole said...

Sounds like 2010 was a fun year! I hope your new year is filled with lots of blessings and more fun times! :-)

ashley said...

Anne! I miss you. So glad 2010 was good, I hope 2011 is also awesome