Friday, January 14, 2011

Acts 4:32

"All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had."

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post that I wanted to memorize more scripture this year - shooting for 2 new verses each month. This is the first verse that I memorized this year. I liked it because another one of my resolutions is to give more. This verse reminds that what I have is not my own, but God has entrusted us with much so that we can share with everyone. I have also been bringing it to mind when I feel dissatisfied and find myself wanting things or feeling like things aren't fair, etc. Having this verse in my heart reminds me that this life is not about me. It is about being a part of God's kingdom and that everything I have is for that purpose, not for my own gain. Then I remember to be content, knowing that God has already given me all that I need. It helps me to begin to focus less on me and more on how I can bless others with what I already have. 

Is anyone else trying to memorize more scripture? Do you have a verse that you have been so glad to have in your heart? I would love to hear it, as I need 22 more verses to memorize this year! {I already have the next one picked out, but that's about it}


chloƫ. said...

It's so true! All the things of this world that we value so heavily really mean nothing in the grand scheme of heaven. Sadly, this country likes to teach us differently...

Jen said...

i'm doing the topical memory system and doing 1 a week (although i think it may be designed to do two a week). it has been really awesome for God to plant that scripture in my heart. we gotta know Truth!