Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was such a good weekend. I want to write it down so I don't forget. Not that it was anything extra special. Just a good weekend. I think we are always looking for something really special and exciting to happen all the time, but I want to remember just the ordinary days because that's where most of life happens. I won't have any pictures this post either, because I didn't take any this weekend. Again, it was ordinary. But here are the highlights for my own reference.

I have the day off! Derek does too (for the most part) and we stay in bed til after 11. We decide we should go to the gym so we put our gym clothes on. Derek is having basketball goals fixed at the church so he wants to stop by and check them out real quick on our way. While we're there, one of our LCA guys shows up. They know Derek works there so he came in to see if D was there. Friday was a snow day and a bunch of them were meeting at the church to go sledding. So once Derek got done with work stuff we go out and watch them sled and encourage them to do dumb stuff while we watch and laugh. A good hour later everyone is freezing and ready for lunch. So we join them at Cane's (fried chicken) instead of going to the gym. Oh well.

The cats have an afternoon vet appointment. Our efforts to put Topanga on a diet have been for not as she has only managed to lose a half a pound in a year. Now we must feed the cats separately and we have new special food for Topanga. After a rough weekend they are adjusting better. At first Feeny wouldn't eat because Topanga wasn't there. I tried to have her eat in the bathroom but Feeny just sat outside the bathroom and wouldn't eat. So I let them eat together and tried to just keep them eating out of only their own bowl. Well of course Feeny wanted the special (very expensive) food and Topanga wanted the regular food. So after some experimenting they are eating separately and both are eating a combination of both foods. Or they just got hungry enough to eat whatever I gave them wherever they were. Hopefully Topanga loses weight fast so this feeding ordeal will be temporary.

We had young life leadership Friday. We are talking about parables, specifically we talked about the parable of the banquet. This will get its own post soon, but it was good. After leadership we went to Brooklyn pizza and talked, like really good conversation, then went home and read scripture together and prayed. I loved it. I love that we can be honest with each other and really share what is going on. I wish we did that more often. But it was really good for both of us. Then we watched Twilight Eclipse. I know what you're thinking - how do you go from reading the Bible to watching Twilight. But the heart wants what it wants and we wanted to watch vampires. I blame my sister in law Kayla for getting us hooked when we watched the first two visiting her in Pennsylvania.

Today Derek woke up early to go to work. I slept til 10:30. Who am I? How come I love to sleep so much recently? Anywho, this was a low key day. My big goal for the weekend was to organize our pictures. We have so many pictures from the last 5+ years that were all in 1 big box, not organized or anything. So I put them in chronological order. Now I just need to find some cheapy cheap albums to put them in. And still go through all the digital photos and print off the good ones of those. Luckily I have a $25 shutterfly credit, so that should help. I walked Moose, caught up on blogs and generally just hung around the house until I met my friend Carly for Starbucks. We talked for 2 hours. I loved it. Clearly we have not seen each other enough recently. Then I met my friend Kaelyn for dinner and we went to Centenary to watch her boyfriend's basketball game. He plays in the league Derek runs so I got to see D too! After that game Derek was done for the day so we went to get some dinner at Shamrocks with our friend Keith and watched more Boy Meets World. Happy night!

Woke up for 9:45 church - are you impressed? Loved the service. Found out the church is starting some small groups to read the book Radical together. We have been wanting to get more involved with the church, but it's hard because we spend so much time doing young life stuff. We decided on a whim to join a small group that meets after church. It's at the house of the parents of some LCA students. And I'm so glad we went. First of all, it was good to be some of the youngest people there. We spend a lot of time with high schoolers, making us usually the oldest ones. There were 3 couples in our group who have high school aged children, and I loved sitting from the vantage point of being the younger ones. Also,  our discussion was great and I think that God is going to do something really cool with this. I am excited to see what happens.

The rest of Sunday was spent grocery shopping, reading my Bible, cooking (a new recipe - holla!) and with our first campaigners (Bible study with high school students) of the semester. I love love love our LCA students and we ended up having a really good discussion in which I was able to speak some hard truth to some of them, and they were actually appreciative of it. You know how it's so much easier to just agree with someone when they feel justified in their sin. Well God totally gave me words to speak truth and encourage them to live like Christ instead of the world, and they totally got it! It was such a great feeling to see that they got it, and to know that I was bold and spoke truth when I wasn't sure how they would react and it wasn't what they wanted to hear. I must remember this and do it more often. God is so faithful.

So that was the weekend. Sorry for long post with no words. But I'm glad I wrote it down so I can remember  one day what our typical every days at this point in our life looked like.

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