Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Long Weekend

I love long weekends and this was a good one. I had Saturday to get some stuff done around the house, take our old ceiling fan and track lighting to the Restore, hang out with an LCA friend, go to the 1st birthday party of one of our friends' babies, and spend the evening relaxing with D.

Sunday we headed up to northern Kentucky to spend some time with Derek's family. We got to see baby Connor and baby Oliver and celebrate Henry's birthday.

Connor looks terrified. I swear he likes me. Kayla even taught me what to do to make him stop crying.

Henry got a pair of cowboy boots for his birthday from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kayla and he wouldn't take them off. He loved them. The picture below cracks me up. The look on his face shows how excited he was.

We spent most of Sunday playing with Henry, chasing him around the house, eating ice cream and reading stories. Monday we took Henry to Chuck E Cheeses. I don't remember the last time I was at Chuck E Cheese, and really couldn't even remember what it looked like inside. All I can say is it was out of control. I guess because it was a day off school it was extra crazy. Craziness aside, Henry loved it. So did Derek. About 10 minutes in, Derek says to me, "Anne, we gotta come back here sometime just the 2 of us!" There was a football game that Derek was so set on trying to break the record.

I think Henry enjoyed Chuck E Cheese as much as Derek did. We played ski ball and all sorts of other silly games, collected lots of tickets and let Henry pick out some prizes.

It was a real fun weekend and is about to be a real fun week because I only have to work 3 days this week! Holla!


chloƫ. said...

haha that's so sweet your husband loves chuck e cheese! but with all these pictures of you and children, I think you need one of your own :)

Randi.Cariella said...

i laughed aloud when you said that derek wants to go back to chuck e cheese just the two of you! :) that is awesome.

i also agree with chloe about the children comment... :)

Kari said...

I love everything about this and wasn't a bit surprised to see that Derek had just as much fun *if not more than Henry! I miss you guys!!!