Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun Things

Happy Tuesday, friends! As you might have guessed by the title of this post, lots of fun things are going on around here. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to accompany said fun things. Sad :( But I will proceed to make a little list and include some links that have pictures.

1. I had a glorious 3 day weekend this past weekend.It consisted of:
  • Friday - Shopping for our end of the season soccer party, baking cupcakes, and Lexingtonian salad and sushi takeout from Malones
  • Saturday - Soccer party with little girls. We made bracelets, decorated cupcakes, made glitter pumpkin and played avalanche. Oktoberfest at the Poston's. See pictures here and here. It was such a cute party and was wonderful spending time with good friends.
  • Sunday - Church and perfect weather. I spent a good part of the afternoon raking leaves, pulling weeds and digging up what was left of my vegetable garden. The garden was not a great success this year. I'm giving it one more year and then I may give up. But, the weather was so awesome that I enjoyed being outside raking leaves and pulling weeds. Sunday evening consisted of dinner with friends and making crafts for Derek's work office that he recently redid. We took a bulletin board, spray painted the frame black and covered the inside with some fabric. Of course I have no pictures, but it turned out awesome and I felt really proud of our skills. 
2. I just bought Moose this Halloween costume on clearance from Target for next year:

2a. Speaking of Moose - this is a not so much  a fun thing, the poor pup is having a little procedure done tomorrow to remove a bump from his foot. The doctor doesn't think it is cancerous, but we're having it tested just to be sure and are praying that he is healthy.

3. Back to fun things, Gina, who I work with, brought me in her Better Homes and Gardens Soups magazine so I could pick out a few recipes to try. I love making soup in the winter and can't wait to try some new recipes. I'll share them with you if I have success.

4. I did a little fall decorating in my house. While buying mini pumpkins for our soccer party I found some great gourds. I spent $3 on the gourds, and then clipped some branches from our neighbors beautiful Maple tree and stuck those in vases I already had. I added some candles and ended up with a mantle I feel pretty good about. Now if I could just keep the rest of the room that surrounds it looking good. (Sorry for the poor picture quality, I just used my ipod and the lighting was not great.)

5. My blog friend Chloe is running the New York City Marathon this weekend. That's right - a full marathon. Six months after she had an emergency C-section and gave birth to a precious boy. She's amazing. You should go leave her some encouragement. She's also running for Team Samaritan's purse, raising money for their Children's Heart Project,  with the goal of raising $2200 - enough to cover the cost to bring a third world child with congenital heart disease to North America to have life saving surgery. If you want to help her towards her goal, you can click here. Even if you donate $5, it will all add up. 

6. So I had my first giveaway last week and it was almost a ginormous fail. Honestly, I was kind of surprised when they asked me to host a giveaway because I do not have large numbers of people who read my blog, and I don't really do much to promote it. I don't want it to be something I feel obligated to do, so I mostly just post what I want to, when I want to and don't worry about whether lots of people will read it or like it. But, for some reason, I was still asked to do a giveaway and figured that people like free stuff, so why not. Well, I guess not many people are interested in digital scrapbooking software because no one entered the giveaway. Until my sweet mom took the time to look at the site, choose some things she liked and leave a comment. Aren't moms the best? So thanks, mom, for keeping the giveaway from being a complete fail. And as a result, you are the winner of some fancy software! I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly!

Well, I think that's it for now. I feel like there are more fun things that I'm leaving out. I guess I can always do another post :) Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


chloƫ. said...

I knew I recognized you in those dinner party pictures! So fun! Wish I was there!

And thank you so much for that shout out! I was completely surprised when I stumbled upon my name while reading your post! You're super sweet. :)

Callie Nicole said...

I love your fall decorating, and the dog costume is so cute! And I want to let you know that I totally would have entered the giveaway, but I just one the SAME software in a different giveaway right before you posted yours! I definitely would have entered otherwise. :-/