Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Dance

Disclaimer: Sometimes I feel wierd writing about stuff going on with young life and our high school friends becuase I feel like it may come off as me trying to make Derek and I sound like we're really good young life leaders or good people or whatever. So please know that when I share these things with you it is only out of the joy I have in my heart for what I get to see God do, and not at all for tryiing to make anyone think myself or Derek are great. We understand that without Jesus we have nothing to offer our high school friends, so if any of my posts make you think good things about either of us, please redirect those good thoughts to God.

Ok, so that was a long disclaimer, but last night I came home from Bible Study and Derek had his LCA boys Bible Study earlier in the evening. I asked him how it went and he told me a few of the things they talked about. They are reading through John and last night they were talking about what it looks like to step out in your faith. One of the guys made the analogy that its like homecoming. They had homecoming a couple weeks ago and not many people were dancing. And he said that when you aren't dancing, the people who are look foolish, but when you get up the courage to go out there and dance, the people who aren't dancing are the ones who look foolish. Basically, it may seem foolish to step out in faith and do something, but once you do, you realize the foolish people are the ones who aren't stepping out in their faith. I thought that was a great analogy and I love hearing some of their insights because I am so impressed by their 16 year old faith. But then....

Derek proceeded to tell me about what they did after Bible study. In honor of the dancing analogy, they had a dance party! That's right, 5 juniors, 1 senior in high school and my husband had an all guy dance party for the rest of the night. Y'all, it cracked me up. I know that girls love to have dance parties with each other, but I never imagined a 7 person boys only dance party. Derek got out the i-pod player and they just danced like crazy. It makes me smile just thinking about it - how funny!

Anyways, this story brings joy to my heart, it may not be funny to anyone else, but I love it, and so I had to share. Happy Friday everyone!


Holly said...

Anne! i love that! Thanks for sharing :)

Jen said...

what a great analogy. my little girlies need to hear that too. i can't wait to tell them that a high school guy thought about that.

i'm so glad you told us!