Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Snuggie Birthday

This past Thursday was my friend Sarah's birthday. If anyone knows Sarah, they know that she is always cold. So I figured, what better gift to get her than a snuggie! I know the commercials are ridiculous, but let's be honest - it's a great idea! Some might say "it's just a backwards robe" which is true, but the snuggie is much longer so it keeps your feet warm too. I knew it was perfect for Sarah. At first I think she was a bit unsure, but once she put it on she was in love. Here are a few shots of her enjoying her birthday gift.

See, she can even use her phone and keep warm. I accidentally got the camera string in the picture and then the battery died :( But you get the idea of her being able to use the phone with the snuggie. I feel like the gift was a winner! Happy snuggie birthday Sarah!

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