Monday, October 12, 2009

Weddings and Pumpkin Patches

I think I should rename my blog Weddings and Pumpkin Patches because it seems that is all I do these days. This weekend included both. And don't worry next weekend, there is another pumpkin patch planned, and the following weekend holds another wedding.

This weekend my good friend Kari got married. It was an all-weekend affair and it was so fun. It started at 10 am on Friday (it's always good when you only have to work 2 hours on Friday!) when Kelly Fox and I headed over to Louisville for the bridal luncheon. I don't get to see Kelly much these days and it was so fun to get to spend the car ride with her catching up. The bridal luncheon was at Austin's. Here we all are (the bridesmaids plus me and Mimi):

Next it was off to get our nails done. I didn't really have a reason to have mine done, but I decided to get a manicure because I NEVER paint my nails and I love having pretty fingernails. The reason I never do my nails is because they always chip and here it is Monday and my nails are badly chipped - but they looked pretty on Friday and Saturday :) Here are some of the girls enjoying the massaging chairs while they get their pedicures:

Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner. I think everyone's favorite part of the rehearsal dinner was the different kinds of pies and cakes on every table - they all looked amazing. Our table got peanut butter cheesecake, which Kyle was content to stick with:

However, most people decided to go from table to table and sample all the different types:

It was a very delicious and fun evening.

The wedding was on Saturday, at Locust Grove, which was absolutely beautiful. My friend Jen has a post with some beautiful pictures from the wedding and here are a few of my own:

Beautiful girls:

Derek and I reading:

Kari and Stephen (isn't Kari gorgeous?):

LCA team + Kari and Stephen:

It was such a beautiful wedding and we had soooo much fun. I danced the entire night. I was wearing boots with heels, but I couldn't really dance in them, so I took them off, but it was real cold, so I couldn't stop dancing or I would freeze. This was the first wedding that I danced to EVERY song. So fun.

Then on Sunday a bunch of us went to the pumpkin patch! Here is a picture of us girls:

For some reason I wasn't really into the perfect pretty round pumpkins, maybe because I already have one, so I was trying to talk Derek into letting me get one of the orange and green ones with all the bumps, but he said they were ugly so we came home with no pumpkins. Here is a picture of the one that got away:


Jen said...

--you got lots of great pics from the wedding Anne!
--i love the shot of purdy at the rehearsal. so funny.
--thanks for the shout out
--i can't believe you didn't buy that perfect pumpkin, maybe at your NEXT patch!!

Rachel said...

This all looks like so much fun! I wish I could have gone to the pumpkin patch!